A rehearsal between snow storms. Only one more day at the rehearsal hall, before moving to the stage, and folding the next set of stage elements into the play. At a little less than an hour per act this play clocks in more than some we have seen this season. Yet given the physical actions and the dialog this play moves you may watch the time evaporate.  So many scenes. Sean takes the time to remind the cast that they need to pace their energy for the performance and have reserved the right levels for the end scene.  Of course last week end we saw players who ran out of energy in the third period and lost it (poor Falcons).

In rehearsal for “Women in Jeopardy!” Lou Sumrall, Ashley Shamoon, Jacob York, Jessica Wortham, Julia Brothers, and Gail Rastorfer. Photo by Meghan Moore.


So then the rehearsal went into the fine tuning I have seen so often. Where the placement on stage of the conflict between the young players is moved to lessen the distant that is needed for stage exit. This and other details checked and double checked to ensure that the tempo of the play is kept in a way that will hold the audience attention. My expectation is that the audience will be amazed at how quickly this story plays out. I expect everyone will be laughing heavily at the end.  My experience with a top comedy like “Murphy Brown” that a second view showed jokes I missed the first time. After watching the rehearsals for “Women in Jeopardy!” the playwright Wendy MacLeod has done the same, so I hope some people will take the time to catch a rerun and enjoy the details they may miss on the first high energy viewing.

-Richard Pitkin, Cohort

Women in Jeopardy! runs February 15 – March 12.