Media Relations

Bloggers, reviewers, journalists, digital writers, and podcasters, please reach out to Courtney Sale at


To request complimentary tickets for reviewers or to be added to our press list, email your name, affiliation, and contact information to Courtney Sale at


Writers interested in reviewing are encouraged to attend one of the following productions:

First Saturday performance (opening night)

First Sunday matinee performance

Second Wednesday night performance

Second Thursday night performance

Second Friday night performance


Download High Res Photos

To download high-resolution (or smaller) photos:

  1. Visit our Flickr page
  2. Select a photo from the Photo Stream or the Albums
  3. Click on the thumbnail and let the image load in your browser on the Flickr site.
  4. Click the download button in the lower right-hand corner of the window and select View All Sizes.
  5. Select the size you wish to download from the choices listed across the top of the image.
  6. Click the "Download the ___ size of this photo..." link at the top. The image will download to your computer.

PHOTO (l-r) Joel Colodner, Veronika Duerr, John Gregorio in Going to See the Kid. Photo by Meghan Moore