MESMERIZED by Gail Gauthier, Cohort

With rehearsals, technical work, and two review productions over, opening night will be a reflection of the success of this production.

The review production mesmerized the near-full audience – no one moved except to laugh, wipe a tear or applaud – with a standing ovation the moment the last note was sung!!

Charissa Bertels performs a one-woman production like no other, taking command of the songs and script in an unbelievable bravado. Her exhilarating voice fills the theatre, even as she dances. She takes on all the character roles such that you “know” Milton because he is within Charissa. When she takes a small article of clothing from her bag on stage, she transforms into that place and moment in her life on the glorious set.

So for the full production her exquisite talent oozes off the stage bringing forth the talent of the original music by Christian Duhamel and Edward Bell. As you listen to the music sung by Charissa, you will recall your own moments of innocence in Fifth Grade, and shed a tear recalling Love Left Behind, and be energized by the exuberance and energy of this creative music and performance.

MRT is fortunate to have Sean Daniels as Artistic Director for the past two years. With foresight and creativity he has taken on unknown and original plays and achieved outstanding success. And as this year ends with this outstanding productions, there are exciting new 2017-2018 productions planned.

It is imperative that you purchase tickets soon, this will be another sold-out MRT production. And while at the play, take the opportunity to keep creative theatre at MRT by sharing in matching the $35,000 donation by a generous patron by contributing a few dinero into the basket near the bar – keep this level of theatre creativity in our beautiful city of Lowell.

megpix-042517-1977 - Low Res
Charissa Bertels in My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend with Kevin David Thomas at the piano. Photo by Meghan Moore.

My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend runs through May 21.