A LOOK AT “MY 80-YEAR-OLD BOYFRIEND” by Terri Munson, Cohort

Charissa Bertels is mesmerizing in her one-woman musical My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend.  It is rare to see an actress playing herself but on those rare occasions, it’s magical. Charissa has lived the role of Charissa which comes across in her delivery, her body movement, and her tears.  She plays nine other roles and deftly demonstrates her acting chops.

Theatre exists to entertain and this play does that in spades.  When we’re lucky, we see plays that elevate beyond entertainment and actually impact lives.  My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend is one of those life-changing plays.  I’ve heard it said many times that life is short and people need to step out of their comfort zones, make friends, take risks, and show and more importantly, tell the people we care about how we feel.  My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend reminds us of that with wit and charm.

Plan to see it with a new friend, an old relative, and the person you love the most.

-Terri Munson, Cohort


My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend runs April 26 – May 21