GLORIOUS PEAK by Tim Greenwood, Cohort

Three weeks ago I wrote that I was mesmerized by the first read/sing through of “My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend” at Merrimack Repertory Theatre in Lowell. After seeing several rehearsals and a preview it came to a glorious peak at the opening last night. The energy from the incredibly talented Charissa Bertels was boundless as she sang songs from beautiful ballads to big belt them out via classical Schubert. This is while dancing tap, playing the piano, channeling Milton’s gravelly voice and even a cartwheel. You can listen to a couple of the songs on the MRT website, but don’t read the synopsis until after you have seen the show.

megpix-042517-1703 - Low Res.jpg
Charissa Bertels in My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend. Photo by Meghan Moore.
We have been attending MRT for some 30 years and this is easily one of the very best that I can recall. Not only that, in terms of emotional resonance it stands out among the top in my fairly regular 50 years of attending the theatre. Congratulations to Charissa, Sean, Ed, Christian and all involved in bringing it here. I know that it will be huge success locally and it certainly deserves to continue on nationally.
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My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend runs through May 21.