1. This Story. (And no, it’s not a love story.)

Okay, maybe you wouldn’t think a show called “My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend” could be anything but silly–but it is. In fact, on of our Cohorts called it a “life-changing play.”  It’s not a love story, nor is it an absurd comedy. There’s no intergenerational kissing.

Rather, it’s an incredible tale of unlikely friendship, about reaching across generational barriers to find a companion, even were you never dreamed you could. We think you’ll find it very funny, but also very moving.

2. This Music.

80yob Creative Team
Ed Bell (Music and Lyrics), Charissa Bertels (Performer & Concept Creator) and Christian Duhamel (Book and Lyrics).

Ed Bell and Christian Duhamel are masters of their craft, and they have put together a score that is infectious and occasionally breathtaking. Listen to some of the music here:

“What a View” | “The Love Left Behind”

3. This Performer.


Charissa Bertels nails it with this performance. She is a remarkable musical theatre soprano, a seasoned New York pro who has appeared on Broadway and with national touring companies. We think Lowell will fall in love with her, just like they did with Benjamin Scheuer in 2015’s The Lion.

4. This Set.

Scenic Designer Neil Patel is creating a gorgeous, upscale-New-York-apartment space for our set. The back window panels will be filled with colored lights that perfectly set the scene, all focused around the onstage baby grand piano.

p7 set model photo
Scenic model by Neil Patel

5. These Costumes.

One character, four costumes: designer Gregory A. Poplyk is putting together a killer fashion lineup for Charissa. As the phases of her story shift… so do her clothes.

Costume renderings by Gregory A. Poplyk

We can’t wait to share the laughter and tears of this new true musical. See you at the theatre!


My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend runs April 26 – May 21.