Chill is the bittersweet story of four Brookline friends over a decade of change in America, it’s coming to our stage on March 22, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Here are five things to know about the play:


1. This is meaty, Chekhovian domestic drama for 21st century America. The play is set in a Brookline basement, where the characters assemble twice: first in 2001, then again in 2011. These four friends are a family of their own kind, and the drama shines through in the multitude of ways–both huge and subtle–that their relationships shift from start finish, all in the context of an America swept by profound change.

2. “Chill” gets at the heart of a generation, and it speaks to all of us. Maybe you graduated high school in the 2000’s and know exactly what it meant to jump into adulthood somewhere amidst 9/11, the Iraq War, the Great Recession, and the rise of the smartphone. Or maybe your children did, and you always wondered what they were doing in the basement on Friday nights. Or maybe you’re still in high school or college, and know better than anyone what it means to be in your teens or twenties, right now.

But friendship is universal. We all know what it’s like to have best friends–and to see those friendships change, for better or for worse.

3. The script is written unconventionally, with a completely organic flow.

Look at Eleanor Burgess’ script:


It’s laid out as a sort of vertical musical score of text, which generates a cascade speech from the actors, full of overlapping lines and naturalistic banter. The result is stunning and vivid. Fans of last season’s hit I and You will be right at home here.

4. It is a genuine local story and a true Massachusetts homecoming.

Massachusetts-native playwright Eleanor Burgess

Nationally-recognized playwright Eleanor Burgess grew up in Brookline, Mass. and went to Brookline High School, just like the characters. To premiere this play in her home state is an honor and a thrill for us at MRT.


5. This cast is 100% worth coming to see.

The cast of Chill: Kim Fischer, Maria Jung, Danny Bryck, and Monica Giordano.

These guys are as talented as they come, and this play gives them roles they can sink their teeth deep into. The results are performances that are moving, authentic, and downright excellent–just as you’ve come to expect on our stage.


Chill runs March 22 – April 16