The show is very powerful and the cast is great. I’m guessing that it may have felt that the audience wasn’t as involved as it might be during the show, but I think it is just the power of it. My wife and I didn’t want to stay and talk – we wanted to get out and talk to each other which we did for awhile. The long standing ovation at the end I think shows how we all felt.

megpix-091217-1043 - Low Res
Toran White, Mark W. Soucy, and Thomas Silcott. Photo by Meghan Moore.


I find myself wondering what it is like for the cast do this show in the first place, but to have Charlottesville happen during rehearsals must have been really hard. With that background, the show is very timely and even more thought provoking. And well, honestly, more frightening.

– Geoff Bryant, Cohort Alumnus


Professional fighter ready for fight

The Royale runs September 13 – October 8.