COHORT REPORT: A Fight to the Finish

We begin round one of the fantastic  MRT season with The Royale, a play about the “sweet science of boxing,” or so it seems.  During rehearsals, the fight choreographer brought realistic movements to actors who are not boxers.  The director stepped in to match movements for the character to develop “full intention” of expression as they move around and toward each other in the ring.  Rehearsals are a tireless learning of matching movements and script, often in front of a huge mirror.

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Thomas Silcott and Toran White in The Royale. Photo by Meghan Moore.

Now, tech weekend brings the actors to the stage to work on the set with lights and sound.  The director, stage manager and all the crew bring the play to life for opening night.  This timely, provocative play is about the courage, confidences, or lack of these, and prejudices within the history of boxing. These, along with the reflections of dreams, aging, and family bring this play to the heart of pondering a fight to the finish. Is the dream worth the outcome, is it possible to have it all? So, attend The Royale and I promise you will come away reflecting those thoughts on the drive home.

-Gail Gauthier, Cohort


Professional fighter ready for fight

The Royale runs September 13 – October 8