"Oceanside" Blog - Week 9

Little Windows

Some of the most inspiring things about Oceanside have come not from onstage, or backstage, or the rehearsal room, but from the seats of the house. Hearing audience comments has been extraordinary.

“You really care about these characters.”

“It was just so real.”

“A quick two hours. Absolutely amazing.”

The boundless love of parents for their children; the heartrending truths that belie so many of our relationships; the strength we find to carry on, even when we’re at our absolute worst; these are what we’ve hoped to share. To hear these comments of appreciation and insight, to find little windows into how the story has touched our guests here at MRT, is deeply rewarding.

In the last few years, Oceanside’s journey has gone from an idea in a playwright’s head, to paper and ink, to human voice and movement, to costume and carpentry and electricity. In the last month, it’s taken the next step: into the minds and hearts of the thousands who have come to East Merrimack Street to experience this breathtaking new story. And we hope it will continue to step further and further into the world of the American Theatre.

“If I had a choice,” one cast member said during a post-show discussion, “all I would do is new work. You’re the first one to take a crack at it.” We are so fortunate to have been the first to “take a crack” at this play. We hope that our efforts in production—from the big sky, to the hot tub, to the roaring ocean, to the deeply, richly felt acting and directing—have made Oceanside as satisfying for you as it has been for us.

A last word from Carolyn Baeumler, Oceanside’s Gwen:

“It is such a thrill to work on a world premiere play. I think all the other actors agree that getting to be the first to play these roles is a particularly thrilling and uniquely rewarding challenge. Working with Nick and Melia was a dream, and we are all just so excited to see what's next for Nick. We love this play and think his talent is extraordinary. MRT can be so proud to have given him his first premiere, as this is only the beginning of a long and prosperous career. Hopefully just like we actors get to own these first portrayals the MRT audience gets to also feel a sense of Nick as one of their own, as he goes on to make his mark on the theatre world.”

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