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Reviewers, journalists, bloggers, and others writing about MRT are welcome to find more information about us here. You may also contact us directly by email or phone at 978-654-7595.

To request complimentary tickets for reviewers or to be added to our press list, email your name, affiliation, and contact information.


David Henderson
Director of Marketing and Communications


Reviewers and bloggers interested in publishing a review of a production are encouraged to attend the first Sunday matinee or evening of each production, but may request tickets to a later performance instead. Download a complete list of press performances and running times for the season (to come for 2018-19).


Read blog posts and press releases here.

Press Resources

The Villains' Supper Club Press Resource Page

Little Orphan Danny Press Resource Page

Lost Laughs: The Slapstick Tragedy of Fatty Arbuckle Press Resource Page

KNYUM Press Resource Page

A Christmas Carol Press Resource Page

Silent Sky Press Resource Page

The Royale Press Resource Page

2016-17 Season Archives

2015-16 Season Archives

2014-15 Season Archives

MRT Institutional Press Kit

Press Parking Pass

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To download high-resolution (or smaller) photos:

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