History of Gas Light, Five Chelsea Lane, Angel Street, Gaslight, The Murder on Thornton Square - Gas Light first appeared as a 1938 play in London. A British film version was produced in 1940. Vincent Price saw a three-person version called Five Chelsea Lane in Los Angeles in 1941. He secured the rights for a New York production. Retitled Angel Street, the play premiered on Broadway in 1941 with Price and Leo G. Carroll. Angel Street played 1,295 performances, an astonishing run at the time. The Academy Award-winning American film, now titled Gaslight, was released in 1944 with major stars Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer. (The same film was released in Britain as The Murder in Thornton Square to avoid confusion with the earlier film.)

The film is also famous as the vehicle that introduced an 18-year-old Angela Lansbury to American audiences as a conniving, smart-alecky maid. The American stage premiere on Broadway in 1941 starred a virtually unknown, 30-year-old Vincent Price.

Ingrid Bergman won the Best Actress Oscar for the American film version.